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The Largest One Stop Service Home Builder in Thailand

"We build houses by paying attention to every detail in every step."

  • Modern Tage Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive home-building company that provides end-to-end services for home and building construction with our professional team, including highly experienced engineers with numerous successful projects and skilled architects with design expertise, ensures that every aspect of your home meets your specifications. Additionally, our dedicated and meticulous construction craftsmen pay close attention to every detail and step of the process. We use construction materials that meet the standard, providing customers with confidence that every construction project adheres to engineering and architectural standards with certainty.
  • Modern Tage is committed to constructing homes with meticulous attention to detail at every step, turning your dream home into a reality. As the leading home-building company in Thailand with the most branches, we offer a diverse range of house designs with complete functionality. Additionally, we guarantee our commitment with a portfolio of over 2,000 successfully completed homes and the support of a highly experienced and professional team. We prioritize creating homes that embody quality, functionality, beauty, and are mindful of our customer's budget.

The Largest One Stop Service Home Builder in Thailand


Diverse Designs with Full Functionality


Delivered Over 2,000 Projects


Highly Experienced and Professional Team


Full-Service Home Construction on Personal Land


Provide Consultation on Credit and Evaluate Loan Amounts


Interior Design and Feng Shui Consultation Services


Process for Building Permit Application


Process for Requesting Electricity and Water Meters

All Your Home Needs, Complete In One Place

"The most complete home construction company, accepting construction of houses and all types of buildings. Every material used is up to standard."

  • The company provides complete home design and construction services on private land. Whether it's constructing a single-story or two-story home, we also offer interior design consultation that goes beyond aesthetics, considering the emotional aspects of your home. Additionally, we provide assistance in financial matters, including consultation on construction loans and evaluations, managing the application for building permits, and facilitating the acquisition of electricity and water meters throughout the construction process.

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Your House, Your Design
As a home construction company, we understand the importance of building high-quality homes that reflect your individuality. Every design and construction project is not just about creating a house; it's about constructing a home that aligns with your vision. We build homes according to your designs, carefully considering calculations, design elements, construction methods, and materials—all based on your specified budget. Therefore, you can be confident that within the specified budget, resources will be allocated to deliver a well-executed home construction that precisely meets your requirements. You will have a home that not only aligns with superior design and size but also caters to every functionality you desire with certainty.
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Privacy Policy
Which company is good for building a house? We have the answer to why customers choose to build thier homes with us.
  • - We are the construction company with the most branches in Thailand, this allows us to comprehend our customers and designing homes in different areas.
  • - We undertake house construction projects nationwide and build homes in various provinces. No matter where you are, we can build your home.
  • - We are a company that constructs beautiful homes catering to every need, offering services for single-story homes, two-story homes, and buildings.
  • - Our architects not only design houses for functionality but also consider beauty and architectural aesthetics for our customers.
  • - Our professional engineers ensure that the structure of the house meets standards throughout the construction process and our craftsmen pay attention to detail in every step as well.
  • - We undertake home construction based on the budget provided by the customer. All construction materials are calculated according to the customer's budget.
  • - We assist in advice on matters such as home construction loans and the assessment of the loan amount, ensuring a smooth process for our customers.
  • - We assist in obtaining building permits for home and building construction.
  • - We assist in the process of applying for water and electricity meters during the construction of homes and buildings.
Because Modern Tage is a construction company that provides comprehensive services for every aspect of home construction, from the beginning to the completion of the project. With experience in building and delivering homes throughout Thailand, we are confident that we can create homes that meet every functional and aesthetic requirement for you with certainty.